The flying spaghetti Monster and baseball.

Join us each season on Family and Faith Night in celebrating how fun religion can be, well, at least one.  The church of The FSM has a long history of drinking beer, wearing fun outfits, and dismissing dogma.  We might be the worst followers, but who is, really?  No worries, no rules, all fun.  The El Paso Chuhuahua's baseball team has invited the church of FSM to a Family and Faith Night.  Thank you El Paso Chihuahua's!

meet like-minded people

The way El Paso Atheists began was through a meetup group online and the way that we get together and speak about future events and common principles remains via the meetups.  This is a fun, interactive, and positive experience.  You will get something out of each meeting and go back to home and work feeling recharged and ready to take on the world.  My favorite thing to see is a new atheist member get to know more like minded people in El Paso.  Register today!

Adopt a highway

don't mess with texas

Feel great while you volunteer a few hours cleaning a two mile stretch of North Zaragoza between Montana Ave. and Rich Beem.  Look for our signs and take a selfie.  When we announce our clean up times on our meetup page, join us.  Talk with other volunteers, fill a garbage bag, wipe the sweat from your brow and smile for a group picture.  Two hour event.  Meet at Cici's afterward.



Let's support our LGBT community and normalize atheism by coming out of the closet.  This is a mile and a half walk to show El Paso that atheists support and understand that discrimination has no place in our world or government.  Bring your El Paso Atheist T-shirt and let's have fun!  Save the date for next parade June 28th, 2015. Look at our previous meetup page.

Let’s support LGBT rights


El Paso Atheists