Angel Ochoa
Founder of El Paso Atheists. Former President.

recent programs

Members of El Paso Atheists has been approved by the city of El Paso for their Adopt a Highway Program.  We seek out public activism.

Foundation History

  1. 2013 - American Atheists has its 50th anniversary celebration in Austin, Texas.  El Paso becomes an American Atheists affiliate.
  2. 2013 -The first meetup happens at a coffee shop on April 28. Five brave El Pasoans show up.
  3. 2013 - El Paso Atheists Facebook page grows to 666 members.  Get it?  It's because we're the devils.
  4. 2014 -El Paso Atheists Meetup Group grows to 100 members and facebook reaches over 1000.  Pride Parade in June.  Adopt a highway in August.

Opportunity for Involvement
Currently looking for a website video media guru.

Alex Bonnet
President of El Paso Atheists.

Susan Barnum
The voice of El Paso Atheists on Facebook and social media.  


With upcoming trash clean ups and parade events, volunteers are the people behind our success. Find out how to become our partner.

mission & vision

El Paso Atheists fights to protect the absolute seperation of religion from government and raise the profile of atheism in the public discourse.

our leadership team

Our name uses the word Atheists.  It is prominently displayed and legible.  It makes no apologies and does not attempt to hide behind common ground and dismiss who we are.  We are also humanists and we are secular, but you are going to have to accept that we are atheists.  We stand up for the rights of atheists and fight for the seperation of church and state.  El Paso Atheists are part of America and we are an equals.  Simple, proud and to the point.  Our logo uses the Richard Dawkins A and spans it into the word El Paso.  

Logo Symbolism 

Our name and logo

Let’s support LGBT rights


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